Global Shipping Hub Plan: Shanghai until 2028

  • Strongly supported by Chinese government, Shanghai is aiming to be the most important shipping hub of ship management & operation and shipbuilding in the World;
  • In March 2023, Mayor Gong Zheng proposes to enhance the core competitiveness and global influence by finance, services, green energy, innovation and technology;
  • Shanghai Yangshan Port: No. 1 container port in the World;
  • The biggest shipbuilding group CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.) based in Shanghai including Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard and WaiGaoQiao Shipyard, etc.;
  • COSCO Shipping: merged China Shipping and OOCL, COSCO is No. 1 in China and the headquarter is located in Shanghai.

Goals and Plans of Sino-European Shipping Center until 2028

3-year development plan & goal:

  • Build and grow up an industrial cluster of shipping & offshore in Shanghai covering Greater China region by providing full services package for European members
  • Establish an excellent bridge and platform between China and Europe in shipping & offshore industries by promoting European products, technologies and services in Chinese market, bringing together clients, partners, investors
  • A renowned incubator to help small and medium-sized European innovative enterprises to grow and scale up by providing business development, marketing, sales, R&D, financial services in China

5-year development plan & goal:

  • A top international shipping hub focusing on maritime technology, mechanical innovation, green shipping and energy
  • The biggest shipping & offshore industrial cluster of shipowners, shipyards, makers, suppliers in terms of trading, R&D, innovation, engineering, consulting
  • A world-class incubator in shipping & offshore segment for European companies grow-up from startups to IPO in stock market