North Bund International Shipping Green Development Community Established in Shanghai

SESC – the SINO-EUROPEAN SHIPPING CENTER – is an independent maritime service organisation in Shanghai, Oslo and Bremen with the goal to support mainly Chinese and European maritime stakeholders to strengthen their market access in PR China, to increase their business success and to support the path to “zero carbon”. We bring companies together, we […]

SESC and “Strategical Partners Signing Ceremony”, 26 Oct. 2023 (Hongkou/Shanghai)

The event “Strategical Partners Signing Ceremony” was hosted on 26 October 2023 at North-Bund, Hongkou, Shanghai. The director of Shanghai Hongkou District Commission of Commerce, Mr Wu, welcomed 5 strategical partners who have global influence in shipping and finance area and witnessed the signing ceremony with Hongkou District Government. Mr George Zhang, Chairman Sino-Europe Shipping […]

Coordination meeting with Hongkou Government, Shanghai

Secretary General of North-Bund SESC (Sino-European Shipping Center), Mr. Victor Ma, delivered an introduction about the progress of SESC. Ms.Tian Jing (Deputy Director of Commercial and Trade Committee of Hongkou District at Municipal Government) attended the afternoon tea exchange. She highlighted that SESC can be the bridge between European maritime companies and Hongkou District. She […]


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